This experience is:
for 2 people
1-3 hours long

aesthetic, relational, physical

  1. One person volunteers to be a puppet. The other will be the puppeteer.
  2. The puppet lies on the floor and relaxes its body completely.
  3. The puppeteer can move the puppet in any way he or she finds interesting. The puppeteer should be careful not to hurt the puppet and not to touch any part of the body that the puppet is uncomfortable with. The puppet’s boundaries should be discussed beforehand, and the puppet should speak up at any time to stop the activity if there is any problem.
  4. The puppet should consider what it is like to trust the movement of the body completely to another. The puppeteer should consider what it is like to be trusted with moving a body that is not the puppeteer’s own.
  5. Feel free to take turns trying out the roles of puppet and puppeteer. This experience may be done for as long as you like, and with 2,3, or 4 people.
  6. Send any observations you have about the experience to:librarian@odysseyworks.org

By Ana B. Freeman