Conversation by Divination by Proxy

Conversation by Divination by Proxy

This experience is:
for 2 people
1-2 hours long
narrative aesthetic relational psychological books conversation

  1. Invite a friend to meet you in a place you find beautiful and restorative.
  2. Instruct your friend to bring with them a favorite* book along with a list of questions they would like to ask you. You should also bring a favorite book and a list of questions you would like to ask them.
  3. When you arrive at this place, instead of saying hello, say the name of the book you are holding. Embrace, as if you are gently opening and closing a book.
  4. Decide who will ask the first question. This decision should be made alphabetically, based on the last name of the author of the books you are holding.
  5. Take turns speaking to one another through the words of your favorite books until all questions are answered. This can take less than one hour or more than three hours, depending on how inquisitive you are.

    *A favorite book can mean:
    a. A book that spoke to you in your language.
    b. A book that changed your mind.
    c. A book by an author who resembles who you would like to be when you grow up.
    d. A book that is your most highlighted, most replete with marginalia.
    e. A book that comforts you or a book that haunts you.
    f. A book that reminds you of a time in your life that is no longer.
    g. A book you bought, intending to read, that has gone unread.

  6. Send any observations you have about the experience

By Rose Draper Linke