This experience is:
for 2 people
< 1 hour long


  1. Pick someone you don’t know very well but want to become closer to, such as someone you have just begun dating or recently struck up a friendship with.
  2. Stand in opposite corners of the largest room in either of your living spaces.
  3. Each share something the other person doesn’t know about you, as loudly as necessary for them to hear you from across the room.
  4. Take a step closer to each other, and then share something a little more intimate, a little more quietly.
  5. Continue sharing increasingly intimate things increasingly quietly in this manner until you are standing right next to each other.
  6. Whisper the secret you have that it scares you most to share in each other’s ears.
  7. Return to the corners of the room you came from. Do those corners feel any different now?
  8. Send any observations you have about the experience

By Ana B. Freeman

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