Dream House

Dream House

This experience is:
for 2  People

1-2 hours long

 collaborative, aesthetic, architectural

  1. Arrange to go for a walk with a friend. Bring a notebook and a pencil and nothing else not absolutely essential for your being outside the house.
  2. If possible, choose a route that passes by a heterogeneous mix of architectural styles.
  3. While walking, discuss how you would like to live life five years from now. Discuss the big ideas and the small ones: how you would like to relate to loved ones and how you would like to brush your teeth. Talk about art and how art could be in your life in an ideal way. This is a fantasy – money is no object.
  4. Design your path so that you end up at an open outdoor area: a beach, or a park, or a lawn, etc. You should have an area at least 20 feet in diameter.
  5. Together, walk the perimeter of your dream house. The lines of your walking will become the plan of the house. Discuss the qualities. Negotiate the sizes and arrangement of rooms. This should be your dream house. It may be at a 1:1 (full) scale, or half or quarter scale. As you lay the house out, discuss how this house will help you live the ideal life you laid out on your walk here.
  6. When you’ve finished, sit down together in the part of the house where you imagine you and your friend ultimately sitting.
  7. Together, do your best to draw out the plan of the house in the notebook.
  8. Head back home. When at home, look at your plan again. Note the differences between the building you are in and the one you have sketched.
  9. Send any observations you have about the experience to:librarian@odysseyworks.org

by Abraham Burickson, based on a scene from The Woven Life, Odyssey Works 2017

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