Disintegration of Form

Disintegration of Form

This experience is:
for 2 people
1-2 hours
aesthetic, relational, musical, conversational

  1. Make a date with a friend to come cook and eat a meal.
  2. When you and the friend are cooking, play a piece of music by Bach, or Debussy loud enough so that it doesn’t become background music. We recommend Claire de Lune by Debussy, on repeat.
  3. Note how cooking consists of breaking whole objects into parts and then assembling them into new wholes.
  4. Eat your meal. Have a conversation about:
    1. aging
    2. the proliferation of media outlets
    3. free verse poetry verses rhymed and metered poetry
    4. or some other aspect of life in which you witness the disintegration of form
  5. Over dessert, listen to John Cage’s In a Landscape.
  6. Send any observations you have about the experience to:


This concept – the observation of the disintegration of form – was the basis of Odyssey Works’ 2011 performance The Midden of Possibility