Bold Bubbles

Bold Bubbles

This experience is:
for 1 person
2-3 hours long
aesthetic, relational

  1. Buy a jar of bubbles.
  2. Go to a busy street, park, town square, etc.
  3. Use up the entire jar of bubble fluid, but don’t blow a single bubble yourself. Ask passersby to stop for a moment and blow some bubbles. Be bold. Invite people by gracefully holding the bubble wand out to them. And of course, ask nicely. Smile. Do not judge, get mad, or upset when people say “no,” but do thank people when they say “yes” and fill the air with beautiful bubbles.
  4. Continue until the jar is empty. It is okay to do this in multiple sessions on different days. But keep at it.
  5. When the jar is empty, jump for joy.
  6. Recycle the bubble jar, but keep the wand as a souvenir and display prominently in your home.
  7. Send any observations you have about the experience to:

By Lea Redmond